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Landed is where global creatives find life changing opportunities.

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Our mission is to connect the world's best creative talent with the growth opportunities and financial stability they deserve.

Success Stories
Crissan B.
Senior Animator
Working for the Landed Team is fun and rewarding. Everyday is a chance to learn and grow beyond my current level as a video animator. The rate they give to animators is very competitive and they also give opportunities to earn more. Good pay and good growth.
Nicola G.
I've been working at Landed for almost 1 year already, and it has been an absolute joy working with different creative people. The team has a very collaborative atmosphere that makes the work easier; communication is very seamless. I'm grateful that I'm part of a team where I can contribute my skills and also learn from everyone, especially the senior animators.
Raphael T.
Senior Animator
What I love about working with Landed is the supportive, creative workspace and that we artists have the freedom to express our creativity. Being able to help creatively direct projects alongside the team has helped me grow as an artist.
Rafael C.
Working as a video editor at Landed has been an incredible experience. Everyone is approachable and ready to lend a hand whenever needed. Moreover, the leadership team fosters a supportive environment, making communication seamless. What's really cool is that the workload is fair and not overwhelming, so I can keep a good balance between work and life. I feel lucky to be part of this team, learning and growing with such awesome people!
Kenneth D.
Senior Animator
Working with Landed has been a blast! I love being part of this team; everyone is supportive and dedicated to growth. We always bring our A-game, and the pay is fantastic too!
Mohd K.
Working Landed has been incredibly rewarding. The collaborative environment fosters creativity and innovation. The team's dedication to quality pushes me to learn and grow. The work culture is very positive where everyone is very supportive, you feel valued and empowered to bring your best to the table.
Kyle F.
Senior Animator
My Landed experience so far is a genuine appreciation for creativity and a deep respect for the artistic process. This environment has allowed me to explore new ideas, take creative risks, and push the boundaries of my craft. I feel fortunate to be part of a team that recognizes the importance of artistry and nurtures and celebrates it.
Karlo F
Landed is what saved me. Having our family business closed due to the pandemic, all our resources have been depleted, and the only option I had at that time was to go back to work. As a former animator/video editor, I was blessed that I was given the opportunity to work with Landed. Since working at the company, I now have more time with my family, and am able to financially support my parents.
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Landed is where global creatives find life changing opportunities.

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